Q: What is a bailbond?

A: Bailbond is two parts:
Bail – a security required (monetary amount) for the release of a person from jail.
Bond – an obligation for the amount of bail by the person who signs the bond.

A bailbond/bailbondsman is a person, agency, or corporation that will pledge will pledge money or property as bail for an accused person to appear in court.

Q:  What is required for a bailbond?

A: There are four things required for a bailbond other than a bailbondsman.

  • Money (premium)/collateral
  • Cosigner (also known as the idemnitor)
  • Defendant
  • Bailbondsman

Q: Why Could My Bond Be Surrendered?

A: 7 reasons for a bailbondsman to surrender or (come off the bond). For this, surety and bailbondsman are interchangeable.

  • Defendant leaves the state without permission
  • Violates any court order
  • Physically hides from surety in any way
  • Willfully fails to pay the full premium
  • Fails to make premium payment as agreed
  • Defendant changes his/her address without notifying surety prior to the move
  • Provides any false information including: false names, aliases, past convictions, or pending charges.