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Atlas Bail Bonds serves all of North Carolina for bailbondsmen needs.  Call us 24/7 to get out from behind the bars!

“Everyone makes mistakes. These mistakes do not define us. It simply means we are human.” –anonymous

What is a Bailbond?
Bail- a security required (monetary amount) for the release of a person from jail.
Bond- an obligation for the amount of bail by the person who signs the bond.

A bailbond/bailbondsman is a person, agency, or corporation that will pledge will pledge money or property as bail for an accused person to appear in court.

Bailbond Requirements

  • Money (premium)/collateral
  • Cosigner (also known as the idemnitor)
  • Defendant
  • Bailbondsman (That is us!)


Locations include Marion, Morganton, Hickory, Lenoir, and Taylorsville.